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Housing news usually make people looking for a house very excited. This is because those who compose house news know what to write to excite readers. They make the house or houses they are talking about seem like what you have been looking for all along. However, when buying a home, do not rely on housing news alone. After reading about a house that you think might be good for you, do not rush to buy it. There are some things that you should do to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes, people want a house so badly; they are not willing to ask questions before investing their hard earned cash. Do not be one of these people. Here are 5 things that you should do before buying a house that you have just known about in the news;

1. Visit the house

It is very important to visit a house before you buy it. Do not be convinced by the photos you see. At times, photos can be deceiving. Visit the house at different times of the day to get to know more about the location. A neighborhood that seems quiet at 10am may be very noisy in the evening. When you visit several times, you increase the chance of noticing any awkward things. During your visits, you should also talk to the neighbors to get more insights.

2. Ask all questions that you have in mind

Don’t be afraid to ask a seller or realtor the questions that you have in mind. Ask about the problems the house has had in the past and whether they were properly fixed. It is better to ask than to wait to find out the hard way. If the seller hesitates to answer some of your questions you should raise a red flag.

3. Have the house inspected

Almost all houses have some kind of defect, even the new ones. Some defects can easily be fixed while other may require more effort to be fixed. An inspection will help you identify faults before you pay for the house. Knowing in advance what needs to be fixed will help you negotiate a better price.

4. Ask about utility bills

You may adore a house after reading about it in housing news, but before you go ahead and buy it, ask about utility bills. Make sure that they are within the level you can afford to pay every month. Some people buy houses only to find out later that their summer cooling and winter heating bills are way beyond what they can afford to pay monthly.

5. Explore the surroundings

Explore up to three blocks of the area surrounding the house. Look out for police stations, fire stations, hospitals, dumpy areas etc. This will help you get a glimpse of the world that you are going to live in. If there are railways, airport and train stations close by, you should expect noise throughout the day and night. A little exploration will help you determine whether you can be comfortable with the surroundings of the house you want to buy.

Therefore, If you like a house that you have just read about in the housing news, take your time and do background checks before you decide to invest. This will help to prevent regrets in future.

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Place to live should be built seriously because there will thousand people stay inside it and if the structure of the building is not good, the building will not exist for longer time. House, office, mall, hotel and hospital are some examples of building that need great intention when people want to build it and architect is the main actor in creating those places. The existence of architect is really important because they design the best design for the building will be, not only from safety view, but also from environment view and comfortable view.
In the field, there are some types of architect, the first one is field architect whereas they are the person who will work in the field and the second one is baton rouge architects that is architect who work inside the office, creating design for the house, whether it is manual or using software to make it. The second type is hoped are able to produce great design for building, so it will look great when it is created. Not only designing the house but architect is able to do redesign for the recent building and they can make it into true or just make it in for design. Every people are hoped that they have architect when they want to build or redesign building because architect know more than others. Any type or structure of building can be created by architect because it is their best field to apply their skill in it.
Because their portion is to make design, so just let them to concentrate to make design, disturbing them is not good because it will interrupt them in making the design. Society really needs credible architects to make the urban management look well regarding there are more and more amount of building built in the town, so it produces less space to move.

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Between the 1950s, through to the early 1980s, popcorn ceiling were all the rage. It was a popular interior design feature at the time and countless people decided to have popcorn ceilings put up throughout their houses. In addition to being fashionable at the time, this ceilings were known for concealing imperfections in the ceiling as well as absorbing and dampening noise. Because it did not have a smooth surface, however, there was difficulty keeping it clean, a definite drawback.

Popcorn Ceilings and Asbestos Asbestos fibres were used in the installation of many popcorn ceilings. Because of its fire resistant properties, asbestos was considered an excellent building material. The major danger associated with asbestos exposure arises when the material containing asbestos fibres is disturbed. Homes and apartment buildings that have asbestos popcorn ceilings, for this reason may be required to go through the removal process. Tenants, however, must vacate those homes during the process of removal.

Unsuspecting Homeowners For many years, it was not known that asbestos fibres could cause people major health problems simply from exposure. Some of the health problems include cancer, Mesothelioma and numerous breathing problems. Many homeowners chose to take out the popcorn ceiling, as the trend changed and something else became fashionable. Since most homeowners were not aware of the damaging effects of the asbestos, most who removed this ceilings did so without the benefit of protective clothing. This exposed everyone in those households to the asbestos dust that was released then circulated within those homes, as a result of the removal process, Lawsuits were filed by many people who, at the time did not know that their ceilings were made from asbestos nor about the dangers linked to the material. They sued because they had been exposed to material that had the potential to be extremely hazardous to their health while removing this ceiling. Read more… »